Apimondia Symposium 2012

The Role of Beekeeping Technologies, Health Care of Bees, and Environment in the Quality of Bee Products

18-19. February 2012, Belgrade, Serbia

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Welcome to Belgrade

Dear friends,

We are expecting you in Serbia, the beekeeping kingdom of South-East Europe! Serbia is a country with the least polluted soil in Europe, an ideal climate for beekeeping and above average educated beekeepers. Serbia is a country of acacia forests, sunflower fields and endless forest meadows. Serbian acacia and sunflower honey has been present on market stalls all around the Europe for a long time.

Serbia welcomes you with the motto: Quality at a low price! The host of the Symposium, the Serbian Federation of Beekeeping Organization, has made an effort to make your stay in Serbia enjoyable by transforming it to a vacation and organizing it at attractive prices, with maximum hospitality, the highest level of services and good time in the most famous South-Eastern Europe city to have a good time – Belgrade!

You will have the opportunity to explore the rich Serbian cuisine, which is a mixture of Eastern and Western cuisine, famous throughout the world. Therefore do not miss Serbian evening, dinner that we have carefully organized for your full enjoyment. A number of exclusive restaurants in Belgrade situated on the Danube and Sava rivers will leave you breathless, both day and night, with its ambience and high level of service at very low prices.

This Apimondia Symposium will be organised together with Serbian Beekeeping Fair (ApiExpo) which is visited each year by 6-8 thousand beekeepers from all around the region. The Blue Hall of the exclusive congress centre Sava Centar, has 3700 seats, and we assure you that all of them will be occupied!

Serbian beekeepers and beekeepers of South-East Europe, even though well educated, are always eager for new knowledge. They will pay maximum attention to this scientific Symposium which will deal with current topics, the most interesting to beekeepers, but also that are at least mentioned in beekeeping circles.

Scientists will have the opportunity to transfer their knowledge to a number of interested beekeepers. During the following excursion, you will have the opportunity to see how Serbian beekeepers apply their knowledge in practice, and to find out what makes us unique in the world.

We are impatiently waiting for you in Serbia, country of hospitality people!

Dr. Med. Rodoljub Živadinović,
President of the Serbian Federation of Beekeeping Organizations
President of the Local Organising Committe

Signing of the contract between Apimondia and Serbian Federation of Beekeeping Organization for organising APIECOTECH 2012 Symposium